Our Process Together

Update to COVID-19: I am currently meeting with clients via telehealth sessions. Please send an email for more information and include your date of birth to get started. 

Welcome! Many clients initially want negative symptoms to change or for the undesired circumstances to stop. The problem though is that symptoms are just symptoms. There are deeper roots to the stories/patterns that repeat from the past into the present. Society often neglects what afflicts one's internal world, and we then learn that the norm in life is to be alone in emotional pain. Unprocessed struggles are internalized, which in turn shapes how we view ourselves, relationships, and life experiences.


Unprocessed themes or situations often lead to maladaptive coping strategies that keep us from living to our fullest potential and authenticity. Our patterns can also effect generation after generation of a family. It also affects the entire family system when a family member resists looking at his/her life story and the implications of past harm. It takes genuine strength to step into these stories and to allow ourselves to grieve and feel the pain of loss. 

As adults, many of us do not learn to make a habit of: being kind to ourselves, listening to what our internal needs are, and being differentiated in relationships. Unprocessed trauma and negative patterns become the norm. The invitation is to create a new model where the positive aspects of life can co-exist with grieving the past's impact. Together, we will work to help you begin to step more authentically and wholeheartedly toward yourself and others.

      Questions to Consider:


What keeps you from being authentic with others? 


What stories have you believed about your core-self that were actually about others? 

What keeps you from stepping into conflict with others?

Do you feel like you are too much or not enough? 

How do your internal messages influence relationships?

What is the harder thing from the past that repeats in the present? 

What themes do you notice yourself repeating in conversation throughout the day?