Past Client Experiences in Therapy 

I initially sought counseling for support during the COVID lockdowns and while finishing a difficult school program. I'm so glad that I found Marc. His curious and non-judgemental demeanor helped me feel at ease each session. Working with him was a very special experience that was somehow relaxed, but very productive in terms of uncovering the root patterns in my thoughts and behaviors. 


Marc shared knowledgeable insight into my personal experiences, provided educational tools to further my understanding, and offered gentle encouragement for enacting positive changes in my life. Through our work together, I now have a deeper understanding of myself and how I move through the world. This understanding also helps me build healthier relationships with my loved ones and my community.

I have benefited greatly from my work with Marc and would highly recommend him to anyone hoping to learn and grow through counseling. - 2021


Marc is a phenomenal therapist. He gave me tools to deal with triggers and knee-jerk reactions in real time (tools I still use by the way) and has a great talent for getting to the root of something with sensitivity and keen poise. He’s respectful but fun and I value the work we did in our sessions - it helped me get to a much better place in so many ways. - 2019

Therapy for me has, for the most part, been a space of feeling as though something was wrong with me. My therapists have acted as distant observers poking and prodding my innermost feelings and insecurities without my wanting to be in the room.


When I first started talking with Marc, I could feel the difference in our time together; I began to learn to speak openly, to feel my fears and insecurities without completely shutting down, and to respond to myself and others in ways that helped my own identity and relationships mature. When things seem to fall apart, I am now able to identify what is happening and change myself in order to hold onto myself.


Marc creates a space that is both professional and compassionate, it is a space that I feel is truly therapeutic, and I am better because of our time working together. When you have the opportunity to work with Marc, I’d say go for it! - 2018 

As someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression throughout my life, it’s been a huge relief to develop a relationship with Marc. It can be daunting to find the right fit when searching for a therapist but it is possible. I would encourage everyone to at least meet Marc to discuss your therapy goals or to simply learn about what the practice has to offer.


Marc has an amazing way of putting things in plain terms and highlights the value of the work each individual does on their way to feeling better. I came to therapy as someone who had zero confidence in my ability to do this work, but Marc was able to gently guide me to practical real life applications of the things we discuss. Over time these emotional victories, however small, began to pile up and I find myself walking through daily life with more confidence than I’ve had in years! - 2020

Marc is very approachable and easy to talk to. He is calm and collected. He's never been late for any of our appointments and has always made me feel comfortable talking to him about my problems. He has been easy to reach about billing questions and proactive with helping to wrangle insurance when there are issues. Would definitely recommend for anything from relationship related problems to other men's issues. - 2019

I never thought I needed therapy and was nervous about signing up, but here I am more than a year later and it has been one of the best decisions ever! Find yourself a therapist like Marc Anderson!

Since starting therapy with Marc, my life has changed drastically for the better. Marc has created a safe space for me to discuss personal matters openly and honestly. There have been so many experiences and feelings that I did not realize I was suppressing or running from for so long, until I had these conversations with Marc. This helped me to develop more courage to face real-life problems, and it’s helped me to be more vulnerable with myself and in my relationships with others.


The ultimate reward from therapy with Marc has been the journey of self-discovery and learning more about who I am. This has helped me to understand myself better, developing self-confidence which helps me to navigate life and all the ups and downs. 2020

Hey Marc

Just want to say

You’re the best counselor ever

You must have made a spark

Or maybe pulled a lever

Inside of my head

And woke up something that must have been dead

All this time

Never knew I could rhyme

Never knew this talent was mine

Thank you so much

I’m serious it’s just been such

An amazing time with you

And I’m sad cause eventually I’ll have to see you go

But I promise I’ll never forget you though. - 2015


A few years ago I started to focus on personal growth. I can honestly say I’m a different person now than I was back then and I would not have gotten here without working alongside Marc. Marc helped me in the right ways. One thing I like about working with Marc is that he didn’t tell me the answer to a problem right away. Marc helped me identify and break down the pillars of my behavior that I felt were toxic. He helped me to face and open the doors that I had closed off inside. He helped me build my personal set of tools to deal with life which weren’t passed down from men growing up.


I enjoy working with Marc because there are no judgements from him. He is un-assuming and a genuine listener. To me that means having the ability to know how to respond in the right ways. Marc works from a place of curiosity and compassion to find the deeper root of the issue. I feel much more resilient as a result. Now I actively explore other areas of growth and see how they go hand in hand with my work with Marc to build a better me. 2018

I’m so grateful I found Marc, and grateful that he was my first experience with counseling. I was going to tackle therapy like I did everything else: challenging and pushing myself to improve and grow. Marc knew that wasn’t what I needed even before I did.


What I found instead was a place where I learned to slow down, be compassionate with and accepting of myself, and be proud of who I am. And, I found a place where I never felt judged.


After more than 2 1/2 years of seeing Marc, I live my life profoundly differently (and the voice in my head is ooh so much nicer to myself). Thank you, Marc. - 2019

After struggling to find a therapist for many months, I was so grateful to connect with Marc and to work with him for nearly two years. Marc always let our sessions be guided by the topics that were affecting me, which made it clear that he was focused on my wellbeing. Whereas other therapists I worked with seemed eager to give advice, Marc was patient and built trust before sharing his perspective. He was gentle and encouraging with feedback, which made the input easier to accept and to integrate into my life.


Marc is also just an easy person to talk with. When I think of therapists, I often imagine someone who is aloof or overly sentimental. Not so with Marc. He’s down to earth, someone who I was equally comfortable laughing and crying with. -2018 

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